Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a world wind past few days....

Home from the bachorlette party....and i survived it... it was an interesting time... i mean it was good over all, it was interesting being that i was sober.. and one of the only outings/parties where i haven't been drinking.. i get anxious around people, social settings and people that i dont really know... so we met sat morning, did pedicures, lunch, frozen yogurt and then we hit SF.. did dinner, strip clubs and a bar... i went back to the hotel w/ 2 other girls around midnight (exhausted w/ swollen feet!!!) meanwhile, amongst the business i had noticed that Bubble hadn't really moved.. and so i kept a close eye on this, Bubble hadnt really moved friday night at bed time (i chalked it off to nerves), and all of saturday. By Sunday i was not feeling great and worried about Bubble. I called the ob office and they directed me to go to the local hospital UCSF right away, go to labor and delivery (eeeekkk!!!) and get things checked.. so to make a long story short, Bubble was fine.. Fluid levels were excellent and a good heart beat.. so they're not sure whats going on, and perhaps the baby is just getting squished.. Of course after the trip to the hospital, i felt reassured and better.. So, on with the bachorlette party, did lunch, haight ashbury, shopping and headed home... To top things off, we got home i made a sandwich got on the couch and Bubble went nuts, moving all over the place!! seriously?!!.. bratty baby and not even born yet!!
So yeah- that was Sunday... todays Tuesday.. and had my 36 week check up.. had a long ultrasound session and got to see Bubble from all different angles.. apparently this baby has lots of hair!! they could see it in the ultrasound!! ohh geez, that must be some head of hair!!!.. so Bubble looks to be around 6lbs 11oz so far, good length and heart beat... and THEN... when the Dr. went to check me, she informed me that i am 1.5cm dilated!!!!...wow... insane.. she said that i can prolly hang on for another 2 weeks or so, but i she doesnt think ill make it to my due date of july 17th...  so of course i was in shock! called wilson @ his work, he was over joyed and kinda freaked! My mom wont be in till July 5th, and i really hope Bubble can hold on until then!!.. 
This has lit a fire under my a$$ and i assume wilsons too.. i did some of Bubble's laundry tonight, bed sheets and such so we can be somewhat prepared!!
Some of the bachorlette pics were just posted.. ughh, looking at myself really gets me down.. i feel huge.. i look huge and its just so sad feeling.. im hoping that i will be able to lose some weight instantly, and then get back on track with losing the baby weight and perhaps even more... i had been trying to lose weight when i conceived, so hopefully i can lose another 30 lbs after the baby weight!.. 
A friend of ours just had her baby in early june, and of course she looks fantastic in her bikini, i mean she looked good pre baby and so now, shes back to normal, i have to admit it makes me jeans.. everyone keeps telling me im "all belly" (what does that mean??!!).. and so maybe that belly will just drop right off.. a girl can dream right?!.. 
ok, ill keep the blog posted on whats taking place!!.. and keep Bubble and i in your thoughts!

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  1. So glad bubble is doing well! I didnt want to sacre you but when you hit the one month to due date mark I almost said to you " You do know that means he/she could come at any time" hahahahha A lot of time a baby comes two weeks early and most of the time with first babies two weeks late. Lets hope for a punctual bubble!! :)