Friday, June 17, 2011

8 down, 1 to go!!

ok, so today i was in a meeting, went to sign some papers and realized... holy canoli!!.. ONE month from TODAY, is bubbles due date.... holy sh*t is really the more appropriate phrase.. ya know from what i hear from others, i feel good, but at the same time, im feeling tired, uncomfortable (like i ate too much) and just kinda unmotivated.... i feel like the day races by and all too often ive done nothing!.. it kills me.. iml looking more and more pregnant, which makes me feel good cause maybe people dont just think im fat, but at the same time, i feel huge and kinda gross... people are telling me that i am "all belly" whatever that means, so im hoping that itll be easy for me to lose the baby weight and maybe some more!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is one of my good friends bachelorette parties in SF, should be a nice some ways i just wanna lay on my couch and go nowhere! but itll be fun and an outing before baby comes.. its kinda tricky cause i only know 1 girl (besides the bride) and i get anxious around people, and one girl who i dont know very well just crawls under my skin and makes me nuts.. so im like, ohh lordy, 36 hrs w/ this girl.. and i cant even drink!!!
life is good overall, the main family that i sit for is gonna come to an end for a while.. monday will be my last night with them for sometime.. im not sure when/how ill make it back to them. thats something that we will need to figure out once baby comes, and my pregnancy disability runs out!!! thats one thing i am super excited about... my dr. really advocates that we file for it, and so im gonna try and see what happens. 
wilson and i are back to our corny old selves, we went to the baby class which helped bring us together, and then we he didnt have to work doubles, he started sleeping back in the bed, and he said that he was missing me soo much that he sleeps there every night, which makes me a happy happy girl... he was holding me the other night and i was sound asleep, but i guess he could feel the baby moving all around, which really made him happy... he's still working alot, which is hectic and hard for us, but today was his last day of the 2 week training, so hopefully he will be around more in the day, we can go back to the gym and have some time together..... next week is insane, drs appt and lots to do and then at the end of the week, its cassies wedding :) it'll be nice to go together and then after the wedding, life will calm down... time to rest. and then mom will be here the night of july 5th... when wilson and i realized its only a month to go, we've realized that our list to do is large and we need to get a move on it!! but then we laughed, once mom is here.. she will be helpful too, so we can procrastinate more!.. 
i dont know if i mentioned this in my other blog, but ive decided that were gonna take some pregnancy photos.. i wasnt going to, but if i dont i think ill regret it. and wilson agrees its a good idea, and maybe itll help me see the beauty in my body, holding this baby...... 
ok, time to pack and bed.. getting ready to take on SF at 36 weeks pregnant... lol.... 

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  1. Holy moly! You are soooo close! :) Im so still thinking its a girl :) Have fun this weekend <3