Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tic Toc Goes the Clock!!

Yep.. thats us.. the clock is ticking... i have been having some fluid leaking (tmi) and was just thinking it was part of pregnancy.... but in talking to our birth coach teacher she encouraged me to call the drs.. i did so and went in yesterday, to find out that my amniotic fluid had been leaking for a few days!!!!! Oooopps!.. so yeah, we had to come up with a plan.. im 2.5-3cms dilated, 70% effecaced and just kinda waiting it out.. the plan is that if my water doesnt break and i dont start constant contractions by tomorrow late morning, we need to head into the birthing center for some tests and most likely an induction.. the fluid is leaking and we cant keep waiting since bubble needs that fluid.. all kinda insane and scary.. the clock is moving and i feel stuck!!.. my mom doesnt come till tuesday late night, so i thought i had some time on my hands to clean the house, organize,  and just feel more ready, but thats not the case.. 
so tomorrow were gonna go to the early service at church, grab a nice big lunch and head into the birthing center. looks like itll just be wilson and myself.. no mom.. and thats ok, of course in many ways i want her with me, by my side to see this lil love enter the world, but theres nothing i can do about it.. imnot nervous, but i am.. im anxious thinking about what life is gonna be like, will i be able to bounce back?.. ive been watching the scale continually go up,  and now will i be able to see it go down? how long would it take?.. can i lose more?.. all these silly things i worry about.. 
i started summer class today- supposed to be 9-5... thankfully she let us out WAAAAAY early today.. which was fantastic.. and then we will see how the next month goes, im kinda asking alot of myself, a new born and a summer class all day.. but ill do what i can. 
ok, off to get motivated and pull last minute things together!!! i guess the next time i write, ill either be a mommy.. or waiting for the arrival of bubble!!!!!!!!!!!! <3