Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ice cream and pirogies for dinner

Its not cravings, like im going to hurt someone if i dont eat.. but what i want for dinner tonight is ice cream & piriogies!! Tomorrow will be 20 weeks... YAY for 5 months!!! Baby bubble is doing well, as far as i can tell. I feel like my belly is growing some, everyday wilson is making sweet cute remarks about my growing belly! he loves to hold and rub my belly as we sleep, helps me feel a bit more secure about my tummy and weight. i do get anxious about gaining weight, i started weighing myself each week, but when i see the number crawl up im not upset and that makes me happy.. i want to be in control and not hurt Bubble with any of my insecurities.. 
we go for our monthly check up next week, and we get to see our Baby Bubble for the first time in 2 months-- super exciting!.. itll be great to see how much Bubble has grown!!!... i get anxious, i have really unrealistic worries sometimes.. like is there really a baby in here?.. has something happened to Bubble and i dont know it?..  like the other day Luna (our youngest dog) jumped on my stomach when i was in bed, and it hurt!.. then i think did something happen to Bubble?.. did Luna moosh Bubbles brain?.. or its arms or something?.. weird i know.. 
wilsons so stinkin cute!.. i usually wake up before him and watch tv, a baby story and bringing home baby- and now he wants to watch bringing home baby with me, he says it makes him feel  better prepared and that it helps us see and know what we need to do.. too cute.... we've been stroller shopping.. ughhh.. what a pain in the a$$. grrr, its expensive and they are huge.. so many of then are ugly, cheaply made and over priced!!.. so here we are looking at these BOB strollers, pricing in the $400 range.. ughh!.. and thats not with a car seat, attachment for car seat, etc... ohhmy.. but when were at Babies r us, wilsons looking at all this stuff, and showing me baby bags, and all these fun things, for us.. i look forward to the showers, in a month (actually less than a month!!) ill have my baby shower in NY, i cant wait. it'll be great to see friends and family.. and the next time i see them- ill be a mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
did i mention, we got a new car?!! yep... were the proud owners of a new car, its a ford taurus x, its a SUV, big but not toooo massive, has room for the pups, Bubble and us.. has lots of great features and im really excited to have it, and its in my NAME.. yes, my credit is great, and now i can have things in my name. im so happy & proud. ive really been working on making my credit better, and its paid off...
ok- time to empty closets.. they are annoying me!!!.. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

sniffles for how long?!

well, ive decided to break in the maternity pants.. not sure if i mentioned that in the last post... i gave in, took the tags off and have been wearing them... can you say COMFY!.. yes, theyd be perfect for the buffet lines of vegas!!! after my lil break down last week, ive decided to embrace comfort and move forward.... 
speaking of moving forward; thats what the church service was about last week.. forgiveness and moving forward.. i found myself crying, as i thought of my dad.. the man that was my idol for years, my rock and hero, i havent spoke to him for years, havent seen him, since he decided to take on his new family and allow his new cunt to treat us like shit... we call her CWC-- it means baaaadness, so i wont say it on here. so yeah, i wrote him a letter (havent sent it yet) letting him know that im pregnant(he doesnt know yet) and that i have forgiven him for his shitty behavior and that we are lucky to have such amazing friends and family and our child will be blessed with love and care. at some point in time, ill have to mail it.. 
so the title of this blog is about the pregnancy and this cold.. ok, so theres lots of fun things that come along w/ pregnancy.. stuffy nose and sniffles is one of those things.. but that i have been fine with it-- until this cold moved in!.. i hate being sick, it really annoys me.. so ive had a cold, that has knocked me over, sore throat, achy bones, chills the works.. so i went to the drs today, hoping there was some magic pill she was going to give me, nope.. that wasnt it.. just a cold that i cant do much about.. i havent gone to the gym for almost a week, and she said i may not be up to going back for another week.. really?!.. ughh. 
ive been conscious about my weight, weighing myself on monday mornings.. and so far, good.. according to the drs. i gained 1lb last month and then when i was at drs last week they said i gained another 1lb.  but with no gym, i feel insecure... i told the dr that i dont feel pregnant and she said thats good, means im doing well with the pregnancy and in good health, makes me feel good!
2 of my friends had babies on monday, lil valentines babies!! baby Louis and baby Victor.. i cant wait to see them, i think itll bring some realization to me about what itll be like to have my own baby.. almost half way there.. hard to believe it.. 

yesterday was the anniversary of when my best friend died... 13 years has passed, i took this year hard in some ways, id find myself crying- wishing that she was here.. what it would be like to share my experience with her, would she had kids?.. what would things be like?.. im lucky to be where i am, but at the same time.. i would have liked to share my life with her... 

all in all, life is good.. sniffles and all. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


When i look back on the past few days, i can not help but smile. i am soo sooo lucky. wilson is really amazing, there are times that he can drive me insane, and my hormones get out of whack, but all in all, i looove him and he has been so incredible through out this pregnancy and the past few months. dont get me wrong, hes been my best friend and great husband for years, but he has totally stepped it up lately!!! the other day, i was exhausted, annoyed and didnt want to go to school, i come home to roses on the table for me, and he tells me that he knows i was having a bad day and wanted to make it better.. yesterday we had our usual wednesday night tv time together, then cleaned the house together and i needed to pick out an outfit for an important event at school- i had gone shopping, trying & trying to find something, found a few tops but no pants! so i figured i could attempt to do something from my old wardrobe- long story made short, nothing worked, i got upset and figured in the am i would go to target. overwhelmed with things, and time constraints, i didnt get to target. as we left for the gym, i started crying, about all the things i needed to, and blah blah... wilson took a different exit and we went to target, hit the jackpot with 2 pairs of nice maternity dress pants and and a sweater. went to lunch, took a few minute nap- and headed to the event in my new clothes!.. felt comfy and had a good day and night. i am so blessed to have this life, if you asked me 10 years ago, even 5 or 6 if i thought id have this kinda life, i wouldnt have said so... wilson and i married and loved each other, but it was a different love and understanding.. what we have now is soo soo amazing and seems like the best marriage/ relationship i know! if bubble (thats what we call the baby) can see our marriage like it is now, he/she will a good start on life, a better one that we had... and isnt that what all parents want?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snug as a bug... in a rug

16 week check up went great! Bubble decided to be heard today and so we could hear the <3 beat! Last visit we tried with no luck, but that was just fine cause we got extra ultrsound pictures! Dr. said all seems well and Im going along just fine. I only gained 1 pound since last month, that was such a relief to me, I worry that they will tell me ive gained too much weight or something of the sort, although i know weight gain is in my future and my body is changing, i think i am getting more comfortable with it, and knowing that things will be ok... I am working hard to take care of myself and bubble... Been tired the last 2 days with just not feeling great, and so im  taking it easy.. gotta let myself rest and feel better!.. Made it through the 2nd week of class, I need to figure out how to make it thru night classes, since im tired by 6pm... 

Not much to say really. off to bed.. 1130 pm.. xox