Friday, September 9, 2011


Not sure how to rotate this.. but first family picture. Anderson is 1 month old!
Where has the time gone?!!?!.. its been 3 weeks since ive written- not like anyone really reads this.. but its now mommyland!!!
Baby Anderson arrived on July 5th-- a very sweet, perfect baby boy!!! I was induced on that Sunday, July 3rd...and he came in to the world at 3:03 July 5th. It has been an amazing experience, and i am so blessed. My mom was able to come to to the hospital just 24 hours after he was born.. we were able to come home that thursday, and we have adjusted quite well.. ive been feeling  pretty good, i think that the adrenaline was holding me up for at least the first week, if not longer.. having to be up lots at night has been an adjustment and naps in the day have been crucial. 
i have to admit that i am soo soo on love with Anderson, he is amazing, sweet and just perfect.. i feel so blessed... 
i feel like im adjusting well, wilsons busy with work and we hate to see him go to work... we wish he could stay home and play with us all day.. the days go by so quick and i dont want him to miss anything... 
ive lost quite a bit of weight, around 25-27 lbs, out of the 37 i gained... not bad in 3 weeks,but my body is not the same... and im trying to be okay with it... i just birthed the most amazing baby boy, so its ok and i will get back in shape.. ive started to take short walks with the dogs, mom and anderson... but ill wait till 6 weeks or close to it to hit the gym.. i should really ramp up my walking and just get that exercise.... 
i went to the drs (reg dr) she said i can start exercising and watching what i eat now... im hoping to do WW soon and get back into eating better... i see pictures of me right before i had the baby and ohhhmgoooood!!! can you say WHALE?!?!... how could wilson let me outta the house ?!.. ughhhhh 

-- its taken me weeks to post this and write this... but i guess thats being a momma!!

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